Duration – 6 hours

Time – any day, all year round

The number of people in the group is from 1 st

Buryats – the indigenous population of our region, one of the most numerous nationalities inhabiting the territory of Siberia. The village of Ust-Ordynsky, located 62 km from Irkutsk, is interesting because here from generation to generation the basics of the traditional Buryat culture are transferred.

During the ethnographic excursion you will visit the local museum of local lore, whose exposition will tell about the religion, history and culture of the Buryat people from ancient times to the present. In the museum you will get acquainted with the customs and traditions of the Buryats, see the bright and memorable folklore performance of the national Buryat ensemble “Steppe tunes”, meet with the shaman, take part in the rituals, get acquainted with the most ancient religion of mankind – shamanism. At the end of the tour, try the dishes of national Buryat cuisine.